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January 16, 2012


Code to create the above Consolidated Information web page. You save the file as a .html file.

My Consolidated Home Page

My Consolidated Home Page 

Page Updated Jan, 2012 @ 2134 hours


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Chat with TXTNLRN

December 28, 2011

Chat with TXTNLRN

To Communicate with TXTNLRN

December 19, 2011

via twitter :@TXTNLRN

via Facebook: Facebook TXTNLRN

via Google +: Google+ TXTNLRN Dan

Via Contact form: Contact TXTNLRN form

TXTNLRN Logo Gravatar

TXTNLRN Logo Gravatar

via text: Text TXTNLRN – 512-850-4898

via call : Call TXTNLRN – 512-850-4898

Skype id: TXTNLRN

Zoho Meeting:


Zoho Chat: Chat with TXTNLRN

Google Blogger: TXTNLRN Google Blogspot

@Googledocs how can I keep generating a random number. I can do it in @Zohosheet. @TXTNLRN

October 20, 2011

Hello Googledocs Sheet Creators,

Please view the sheet below. I created it in @ZohoSheet.

I used Zohosheet I am able to press the F2 key and am able to generate a new random number.

I am not able to do that in Googledocs sheet. Seek your assistance on how can it be done?

Currently, I am using a workaround – creating forms in Google docs and then using Zohosheet to create a random list.

Awaiting your response.
Thank you

Steps on installing the TXTNLRN Contact app .apk file on an Android phone. @TXTNLRN

August 21, 2011

I have tested these steps and they work.

From your computer:

1) Go to

2) Click on classes

3) Click on Computer

4) Click on Android

5) click on link Android app to Contact TXTNLRN by phone or text message that is this

6) Save it to a folder.

On your Android phone set the option that allows you to download non verified sources.

Now, Connect the usb cable from your computer to your Android phone.

7)Go the folder locate and copy the TXTNLRN_contact_txt.apk to a phone on your Android phone.

8.) You can disconnect the cable connection between the computer and phone.

Use the File Manager on your phone and locate TXTNLRN_contact_txt.apk.

Double click it (to activate it) it should ask you if you want to install

click Ok

After installation locate the installed app and click on it to start it and call and/or send a text message.

Would definitely appreciate your feedback.

@TXTNLRN,suggests workaround to view Hindi and Gujarati fonts on Android smartphones

August 10, 2011

So far with the investigation I hv done, looks like to be able to view international fonts like hindi and gujarati on an android smartphone suggest the workaround of using paint where you type the words via google transliterate IME and then save it as a jpeg and post it.

Check out the link
Used Paint and Google Transliteration to write in Hindi and Gujarati. Can use screenshot / Jpeg to display in Android


Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 @TXTNLRN

May 11, 2011

Here is the Microsoft PowerPoint present I created when I taught the class at the library and an Adult Continuing Education Class.


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