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September 13, 2018

Has anything changed?

Also noticed when viewed from computer need to click on Gravatar to see the About page info.


Idea on managing emails

February 2, 2010

I had an idea that crossed my mind on how to manage emails.

One can use Google docs or Zoho writer.

  1. Create a new document
  2. Save it
  3. Send an email to the person you want to share it with.
  4. Give read and write access rights to the other person too.
  5. Now any update any one who shares the document wants to do, only needs to update the document.
  6. When the other person views the document by signing on, they would see the update.

This would help keeping a link of all conversations and all information is kept at one place.

Couple of days ago I signed up for Googlewave and this exactly what I found.


Note: I was not paid to write this idea.

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