Removed Zohopolls surveys as link do not work

February 8, 2018

.@zohocares .@zohosheet cells uneditable when accessed on smartphone , works via desktop computer #TXTNLRN_apps_test

January 31, 2018

is this still an issue ?

@Zoho,@Zohosheet,Suggest,Include chat for members with readonly access to a document or sheet

November 10, 2010



@Zoho @zohosheet,Suggest, Capability to resize the Comment box

November 10, 2010

To:Zoho Sheet Kudos

July 13, 2010

Created a contact list using Zoho Sheet.

Easily created the list. Provided read only access rights to the six members.

Kudos to Zoho sheet.

The members do not need to download the sheet, it is updated at one place, easy to maintain and it can be viewed on a mobile phone / smartphone with internet access.


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