#BetheChange Be Engaged Be Commited

May 11, 2018

Be Engaged

Be Commited

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Power of ACT IOM

November 22, 2008

ACTIOM is created by ACT + IOM.

ACT means to perform, work, do

IOM is I Owe Me. When you think in terms of owning an act, taking ownership, when you accomplish your goal you feel a sense of achievement. Think in terms of I Owe Me (Myself) rather than I Owe You.

Another way to see IOM is I for Investigate, Interest. O for Observe , M for Maintain.

Finally, write IOM as “10 m” for 10 min, 10 months. I mean to break the task or goal into smaller manageable pieces and then Act on it for 10 mins on the hour or day and at one point the goal shall be completed.



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