Removed Zohopolls surveys as link do not work

February 8, 2018

.@zohocares .@zohosheet cells uneditable when accessed on smartphone , works via desktop computer #TXTNLRN_apps_test

January 31, 2018

is this still an issue ?

Installed #GoogleNow on #GalaxyS3 and Assistive light disappeared #TXTNLRN_apps_test

January 10, 2018

Update: Re installed GoogleNow, found Assistive light in Widgets > Settings

@apperyio do you plan to have pull notification #TXTNLRN_asks

January 19, 2014

Jan 20th 2014:

as I understand :

Pull event notifications Notifications that are requested by the client applications.

Push event notifications Notifications that are sent by the notification subsystem.

@Apperyio has the push capability. I would like to know if you plan to add pull notification capability.

I am thinking with the pull notification is it up to the user to pull get new information from the dB instead of the app pushing information.
This would allow the user to review the new information at their pace.

Need an extra hand to test your app?

April 4, 2012

@TXTNLRN will help you!!

  • We will test your app for you
  • Send responses of the results to you through #SMS or #MMS

Call or text us at 512 850 4898


We look forward in talking with you

Thank you,
text or call: 512-850-4898
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Teaching and learning through text messages.


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