Knock, Knock, Who is there? at twitter

Agenda: How to grow your twitter connections.


  • Need a twitter Account

Reference tweets from:

Steps: (Read tweets from bottom to top and class is still in progress)

Learnt it is possible to  tweet to a tweet handle in a list without following in #twitter

@txtnlrn now go thru your following and followers and assign then to lists.

 @txtnlrn continue the process for each new #tweeple

txtnlrn start a conversation with that #twitter handle name before RT or following

txtnlrn from when u get a tweet first add the twitter handle name to the get to know list

@Robin_Finco @AnkushKohli @SocialBro @InnovativeEdu i referenced ur posts in my class Knock, knock who is at twitter. Will post l8r is it ok?

@txtnlrn psst. U know #hashtags  r good markers however, one cannot retrieve old tweets with that hashtag.

@txtnlrn i too am taking the class. First, go ahead and create a list named get_to_know in ur #twitter account.

txtnlrn these #tweets will be #archived in a blog. I am hoping u join and participate. Make it interactive.

txtnlrn. This question is from the #free class i am giving on how to grow connections with #twitter. – Knock, knock who is there at Twitter

TXTNLRN_asks when u receive a #tweet, what do u do? #Read it, #follow, #RT, #Add 2 ur #list?



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