Consolidated information webpage



Code to create the above Consolidated Information web page. You save the file as a .html file.

<title>My Consolidated Home Page</title>

<a name=”top1″></a>
<h1><center>My Consolidated Home Page</center></h1>
<blockquote><b> Page Updated Jan, 2012 @ 2134 hours</b><blockquote><b></b><br>
<a href=”; target =”resource”><alt=”Yahoo” align=”left”>{Yahoo}</a>
<a href=”; target =”resource”>mamma</a>
<a href=”; target =”resource”><alt=”Google” align=”right”>{Google}</a>
<a href=”#eml1″> Feedback </a>|<a href=”#net”> Network </a>|<a href=”#sm”> Social Media </a><br><br>
<b> CONTENTS </b><br>

<img src=”” width=”50″ height=”50″alt=”ENABLE-US” align=”left”>ENABLE-US


<!– ————–Network section————————>
<a name=”net”></a>
<b> Network </b>
<a href=”; target =”resource”> Yahoo mail  |</a>
<a href=”; target =”resource”> Google mail  |</a>
<a href=”; target =”resource”> Juno mail  |</a>
<a href=”; target =”resource”>  |</a><br><br>
<a href=”#top1″>Return to the top</a>

<!– ————–Social Media section————————>
<a name=”sm”></a>
<b> Social Media </b>
<a href=”; target =”resource”> Twitter  |</a>
TXTNLRN” target =”resource”> Twitter TXTNLRN  |

<a href=”; target =”resource”> Facebook  |</a>
<a href=”#top1″>Return to the top</a>

<a name=”eml1″></a>
<!– ————————E-mail—————————>
<b> Suggestions to Webmaster </b> <br>
<a href=”; target =”resource”> Feedback form  |</a></h4> <br>
<a href=”#top1″>Return to the top</a>



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