@TXTNLRN,asks,how can one read #hindi and #Gujarati letters/ fonts in an #android app?

Go to link to read more:



Thank you



4 Responses to @TXTNLRN,asks,how can one read #hindi and #Gujarati letters/ fonts in an #android app?

  1. TXTNLRN says:

    I found information and posted on @TXTNLRN #twitter page.

    @mayooresan thank you for sharing androidforums.com/lg-optimus-gt5… i cant see hindi website in any browser #TXTNLRN_apps_test #indic fonts #android


  2. TXTNLRN says:

    However I still cannot see the #hindi and #gujarati #Indic fonts when I install my TXTNLRNConnect apk
    http://goo.gl/w4TO7 Android app to Connect with TXTNLRN by phone or text message.

    Steps on installing the TXTNLRN contact app apk file on an android phone. https://txtnlrn.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/steps-on-installing-the-txtnlrn-contact-app-apk-file-on-an-android-phone-txtnlrn/


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