@TXTNLRN,Pilot,play chess the TXTNLRN way

#TXTNLRN  has started a pilot on being able to play chess the TXTNLRN way.

Currently, there are three options based on the type of bandwidth available. We will provide more details in few days.

You can enroll by sending a text message to 512-850-4898 as

Enroll,Start date,your name,play chess, option (1,2,or 3)

Added Nov 26th 2010:

  • We play a maximum of half an hour at a time.
  • Each person has to make a move in two minutes or they loose their turn.
Now for the way we play, I was thinking of three options.
  1. a) Both of us set the game of chess on the board.
  1. b) Send a txt message with the move  example Pa2toa3 . P is Pawn and the a is the name of the square/ block horizontally and 2, 3 are for the block vertically.
  1. c) Based on the mentioned both of us move the move on the board.
  2. The second way I was thinking is to send a text message as in step 1. however, this time I would show the chess board via a camera.
  3. One more option I was thinking was I create a Excel spreadsheet that looks like the chess board.

Created the Chess board in Spreadsheet Dec. 21 2010.  This was created as a project with a student who signed up Basic Spreadsheet class.


view of a chess game in seesion

  1. a) write Pawn, Camel…. in each cell based on their location.
    1. b) We can the use the chat option to state our moves.



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