What is TXTNLRN’s teaching style?

TXTNLRN style of teaching is similar to cooking a food recipe.

Decide on a project like deciding on a recipe.
Do not worry about all the syntax, equivalent to not looking into all species or ingredients.

Select, use only the syntax you need when creating that project. As one selects only the items for the recipe to be created.

The result is you created the project you wanted. Same as ready to eat the recipe you wanted.

Yes, you would not learn about all syntax or species. That is completely fine. Next time when you create another project or cook a recipe you would either learn new syntax or species or use the one’s you used previously.

As you keep practicing you will get better.


One Response to What is TXTNLRN’s teaching style?

  1. iResume says:

    Thanks, that is exactly it. if you learn the basics you can always add more once you have the foundation. Learn as you go.


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